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I am unable to help with individual problems via this email. Please ask your vet for advice if you are concerned about the health or wellbeing of an animal. I am unable to reply to every email.

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Margrit Coates,
Animal Healer,
PO Box 1826



Media/journalists PR contact:
Caroline Newbury, Ebury Publishing, Random House, 20 Vauxhall Bridge Road, London SW1V2SA   



Problems with horses and other animals
If you have any concern whatsoever with a horse or pony please ask your vet to eliminate pain, illness or disease because all of these can cause change in behaviour, attitude and schooling problems. Saddle, teeth and feet should also be checked by qualified practitioners. Advice from trainers/instructors should only be given after you have sought expert advice that your horse is not trying to tell you that he or she is in pain or sick. More work/continuing work aggravates any underlying illness, disease or pain and the root problem needs identifying first.

N.B. Hands - on healing is NOT a substitute for veterinary advice, treatment or care. If you are concerned about the health, welfare, behaviour, schooling or riding abilities etc of your equine always contact your vet. The same applies to concerns with any other animals. Give hands - on healing (and any other complementary therapies) alongside your veterinary surgeons treatment, never instead of it. Your vet is your first port of call - a delay can mean that your pet or horse's communication of problems is unheeded and the animal can suffer as a result.