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Hands on Healing for Pets is the first book to describe in full, and in a very easy to understand way, how anyone can give healing and communicate with pets,heart to heart and soul to soul. Healing is a complementary therapy, which we can use for any condition alongside veterinary care or together with other forms of complementary medicine. Sometimes it can work when everything else has failed.
Healing reaches the pet on the emotional, mental and physical levels so that it is a true holistic therapy and is safe to give at any time, even to the terminally ill or newborn animal.
We all have healing gifts within us, and when people try they are amazed at what they can achieve . This internationally famous book is designed to help you .
My book Angel Pets helps your animal communication and telepathic abilities, as well as healing.
An ideal present for animal loving family and friends.

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Margrit Coates, Communicating With Animals

Voice of Animals

Life can be so busy and demanding that many of us are looking for new ways to find harmony - and what could be a better route to peace than by tuning into the wisdom of a much-loved dog, cat or horse? In her new book, world-acclaimed animal communicator Margrit Coates shares 10 life-healing lessons learnt from animals. Using varied means of communication, all animals - domestic and wild - have teachings to offer us that will enable us to realise our true potential.

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Margrit Coates, Communicating With Animals

Communicating With Animals

A trailblazing book about how you can tune into animals using your intuitive and telepathic skills. A comprehensive guide containing everything you want to know about this topic - and more. The book includes photos and illustrations as well as messages from animals. Packed full of true stories, written in Margrit's signature empathic and heart-warming style.

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Forewords by Carol Gurney and Virginia McKenna OBE 




Hands on healing for Pets The Animal Lover's Essential Guide to Using Healing Energy

This book shows you how to work with healing energy to help your own pet.

The book is easy to read and understand, and contains many case studies which will warm and inspire you

Packed full of tips and advice, plus photos and illustrations this is the only healing book you will need to develop your animal healing skills.

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Angel Pets There are angels all around us and many are in animal form. This book is full of stories about Margrit's work as an animal healer and pet pyschic. It shows you how working in this way leads to miracles both for an animal and for you.

The book is packed with tips on how to be an animal communicator and hear what your pet is saying to you - miracles are just around the corner.
5 star book rating on Amazon. Available from all good book stores worldwide.
What people are saying about Angel Pets:

'An enchanting book from the expert the animals choose for
themselves...will touch your heart in the deepest sense.' -- Jacky Newcomb, author of Angels Watching over Me

`If I hadn't watched Margrit working on animals - and witnessed the miraculous effect she has on them - I would find the stories in this book hard to swallow. They are amazing - as she is. This is an extraordinary and heartwarming book that makes you think again about the world around you.' -- Penny Junor, author, writer and broadcaster.

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Connecting with Horses  explains how and why horses heal people - and what they teach us that can help us with life in general. Margrit's outstanding book was published in March 2008 and is receiving rave reviews. Already it is being adopted as a ' bible' for those teaching people how horses influence our lives.

"Your new book makes such sense, and yet again, another book difficult to put down because it fills me with excitement." Tracey from Kent

"Thank you for another incredible inspirational book that shows the true way to form a relationship and connection with horses". David from Scotland

"Thank you for your continuing inspiration" - Vicki - Equine Veterinary Surgeon

"A terrific work and much needed"  - Michael Morpurgo

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Horses Talking if you want to learn how to communicate with horses, and understand what they are thinking and feeling then this book is for you. This fascinating sequel to Healing for Horses reveals how you can interact with horses on the deepest level.

You will learn how to sense what horses are saying, how to solve their problems and how they can bring healing to your own life. Horses offer powerful messages which, when heard, can have a profound effect on your appreciation of not only these special animals, but of your understanding of yourself and your relationships with other people.

You will also discover how to exchange healing messages, soul to soul, with horses in order to strengthen the bond between you. Full of help and guidance Horses Talking includes incredible case studies, revealing how horses can guide us to a whole new way of being.

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Healing for horses - A must have buy

This book is a must buy for anyone with a love of horses and also for anyone interested in healing and energy therapy. What hands on healing is all about is explained in depth in simple language easily understood by most people. Groundbreaking studies Throughout the book I share stories with you about how horses who have been sick, distressed, traumatised, or had behavioural problems have been helped by hands on healing.

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Animal Healing DVD by Margrit Coates

This DVD is the most comprehensive guide to using healing energy with dog's, cats, horses, bunnies and small furries. Everything you need to know in one DVD. For UK you can order directly from Margrit

Suitable whether you are new to healing or an experienced practitioner. Price to addresses UK £10.95.

Please send a cheque with your name and address to Margrit Coates, PO Box 1826, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP5 2PR.

Cheque payable to M. Coates.

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For non UK residents please order from New World Music or telephone 44 (0) 1986 891600 to order.



Healing music which has been especially composed for you and your animals to relax to. Produced by New World Music - the world's biggest supplier of mind/body/spirit music. The music has commissioned is suitable for healing with all animals including horses, dogs, cats, small furries and even birds

One album is called Animal Healing and contains a colour booklet on animal chakras. The second is called Music for Pets and contains information on crystal healing with pets and horses. The music on both CD's is composed by Perry Wood, author of Real Riding'. An essential gift from you to the animal angel in your life.

Animal Angels and Connecting With Animals - beautiful relaxing music for you to share with your pets and horses, and composed by the phenomenal musician Stuart Jones.

Margrit Coates Animal healing meditations

  Play, relax, meditate, tune in to animals. Easy to follow meditations to help develop your intuitive connection to animals.



You can order the CD's direct from Margrit Coates.
Each costs £10.50, or two for £20.00 to include post and packing. Please send a cheque to the address below stating which one you would like. (UK orders only)

Margrit Coates Animal Healing, PO Box 1826, Salisbury,
Wiltshire, UK SP5 2BH (please allow 21 days for delivery)

Also available from many mind/body/spirit stores.

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