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Distance Healing: -

Margrit specifically offers a distant healing service and every year gets many emails and photographs as below:

'I had a kitty who was vomiting frequently and losing a lot of weight.  In fact, he lost 30% of his body weight! I was about to leave on a long-planned trip so I contacted Margrit Coates to send healing while I was away.Distant Healing Cat

She suggested I take the kitty to the vet before I leave on my trip and get him checked out. Long story short, they didn't know what he had, but gave him medication ... and Margrit began sending distant healing.

We had this problem for several months, but within days of receiving healing from Margrit, Nicholas coughed up the largest hairball ever!  It had been blocking his tummy and not allowing him to digest food!  So far, so good - he seems to be doing great! I highly recommend Margrit for in-person healing and distant healing.  I am so grateful.

I even have her book, "Hands-on Healing for Pets" and recommend that, too!
Thank you, SHARI G. San Diego, California, USA '

 'Six months ago I lost my best friend, my cat Bluto, and for six months I cried every day. He was my confidant, my playmate, my lifeline, my everything. He was the reason I got up every day and the reason I came home. I was lost without him. I've had many cats in my life, but this one, he was special. We had a bond you don't find very often. But six months later, I needed to move past the grief and I realized I couldn't do it on my own. So I emailed Margrit. I had read her book "Hands On Healing for Pets" and I knew, by the sincerity and warmth with which it was written, that she was the one I wanted to contact Bluto, to tell him how very much I loved him and missed him, and how sorry I was that I couldn't save him. I needed to know that he was okay. The experience was amazing as she, Bluto and I had a three way conversation, Margrit being the go-between. I was able to express my feelings to him and immediately hear his responses through Margrit. Though the experience was highly emotional, I soon felt the heaviness lifting from my heart as I learned that he was happy and without pain and had cherished our time together as I had. I still miss my Bluto every day, but I'm not surrounded by the grief any longer. I know too that he's with me now as I've felt him walking around me and I've seen him as a shadow from the corner of my eye. I can smile now when I think of him and the time we had together. I thank Margrit for that. She is truly a gift.

Robin Foster, Albuquerque, NM'

Please get in touch with me by webmail  or if you are interested in this service